EPCM Services

EPCM ServicesPIPECRAFT is an EPCM provider to the oil & gas industry providing engineering and detailed design, procurement of project materials and erection and construction of pipelines and plants.

Construction Management of pipeline fabrication and installation includes the following:

  • Provide opinion on construction methodology and optimisation to pipeline owners and designers;
  • Provide field supervision services during pipeline construction activities;
  • Provide procurement services for pipeline construction consumables;
  • Provide wet and dry hire of plant & equipment to pipeline owners and constructors;
  • Provide cost estimating services to pipeline owners and designers during preliminary front-end activities to aid in scope definition and FID/AFE decision making;
  • Provide mechanical maintenance and repair services to heavy equipment fleet owners;
  • Subcontracting with specialist service providers to aid in the testing and installation of pipelines during construction;
  • PIPECRAFT has the expertise and experience to support the Client in developing welding and coating programs (Procedure Qualifications) through their Subject Matter Experts and also troubleshoot technical issues that may arise;
  • Other construction consultation services related to the installation of pipelines.

EPCM ServicesPIPECRAFT can aid you in the development of your construction program through our Pipeline Construction Quantitative Risk Analysis Program, supported by empirical data from the Australian pipeline market, where meaningful risk and production factors can be developed in order for the Client to properly assign engineering and management resources to manage and fully mitigate cost risks. These risk factors can be utilised as input into Monte Carlo type simulations to create meaningful results as opposed to subjective analysis typically completed.