Facilities and Industrial

Facilities and IndustrialFabrication

PIPECRAFT provides pipe spool fabrication, pipe skid fabrication and manufacturing fabricated piping systems.

Compressor/Pump Stations

PIPECRAFT provides structural, mechanical, and piping (SMP) installation services of oil and gas storage, gathering, compression, pumping stations and the infrastructure needed to support the operation of pipeline transmission systems.

Water Treatment / Desalination

PIPECRAFT provides SMP installation services for the water and wastewater field and is continually developing expertise in the latest techniques such as membrane technologies.Facilities and Industrial

Refinery and PetroChemical

PIPECRAFT provides both spooling services for high complex alloy and heavy wall piping systems including SMP site services.

Solar CSP/PV

PIPECRAFT provides installation services for CSP and utility scale PV projects

Material Handling

PIPECRAFT provides fabrication and installation services for all material offloading and storage facilities for feed stocks, stackers, reclaimers and conveyors, boiler and power block equipment, and balance of plant operating equipment and buildings.


PIPECRAFT provides civil, structural, mechanical, and piping (SMP) services for power generation facility construction services.