Pipeline and Underground Utilities

Pipeline Underground UtilitiesPIPECRAFT is primarily a pipeline construction company specialising in underground construction in both remote and urban environments including the provision of a fleet of specialist pipeline equipment.

Distribution Construction

From main to meter, PIPECRAFT performs all aspects of natural gas distribution for steel and HDPE.

Mainline Construction

PIPECRAFT constructs small and large diameter transmission pipelines for natural gas, crude oil, petrochemical, petroleum products and other services. PIPECRAFT has experienced crews for DN60-1100 pipelines utilising manual or mechanised welding processes across a variety of geographic terrains encompassing mangroves and swamps, heavily forested and mountainous regions, outback and desertous terrains, through all seasons and climatic conditions.  PIPECRAFT can field mainline spreads or poor-boy specialty crews as either the Head Contractor or as a support subcontractor.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

PIPECRAFT has extensive HDD design and execution experience using specialist  HDD subcontractors. PIPECRAFT brings borehole design capabilities including mud management to optimise drilling success whether for mini-HDD rigs up or to 1,000,000 lbs drilling rigs. PIPECRAFT also can provide ‘dog-house’ client monitoring services for customers for contractual protection.

Water, Sewer, Storm Drain

PIPECRAFT crews install, replace, repair and rehabilitate all types of pipelines utilised for water, sewer and drainage services, and can perform all types of street works for utility installations.

Integrity Services

PIPECRAFT can manage, implement and support integrity management programs including: Corrosion modelling, running inline inspection tools, ECDA and other corrosion surveys, laser scanning and fitness-for-service calculations, investigative digs, hydrostatic retests, pipeline conversions (gas to oil and vice versa), replacements, and sleeve/Clock Spring installations.

Pipeline Relocation/ Maintenance/ Rehabilitation/ Replacement

PIPECRAFT performs all aspects of pipeline construction including stopping-off activities and supporting hot-gas works including the use of drawdown compressors.

Station Construction- Compressor, Pump, Regulator

PIPECRAFT performs all work associated with the fabrication and installation of pipeline appurtenances including launchers and receivers.

Joint Trench

PIPECRAFT utilities crews have extensive experience with the installation of all types of underground infrastructure in common or joint trenches with multiple foreign utility crossings.

Penstock / Aquaduct

PIPECRAFT performs all aspects of construction for the installation, replacement, and maintenance of penstock pipelines.

High Voltage Underground Conduit & Cable

PIPECRAFT performs underground installation of high-voltage electric conduit and cable.

Labour Hire

Our labour resource model provides temporary field personnel to supplement and/or support the Customer’s workforce.